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Boilie Flavoured Paste

Boilie Flavoured Paste




This is our brand new Boilie Paste. This product comes in 200g Pots and is the actual products of my own Boilies. We do 13 different flavours to choose from. All of our Boilie Paste is made with the absolute best quality ingredients, flavours and attractors, with the nutrients needed for healthy Fish.

With this Boilie paste it can be shaped around a hook, or moulded into different shape to make a boilie. You can use this product as it comes straight from the pot or dip it into hot water for a minute to make it firm. It is very easy to use in any situation.

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Fish Liver, Nutty Maple Toffee, Spicy Sausage, Silkworm, Freshwater Snail, Fat Maggot, Bionic Bloodworm, Peppered Shrimp, Wichetty Grub, Smoking Mackerel, Bleeding Berry, Sweetcorn, Blue Cheese


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