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Spicy Sausage Pupae Grub and Orb

Spicy Sausage Pupae Grub and Orb


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Carp enthusiasts will favour this product from Shilhams. This is a Spicy Sausage Grub and Orb made with natural Spices, and added Liver Powder with a Liquid Liver also. Ingredients in this bait include Milk Proteins and Fish Meal. Carp love this bait and in terms of sales its one of the most popular products in stock. If you haven’t tried this bait then it is a must, its very appealing to the carp and will be very appealing to you!

The Pupae Grub measures 16mm x 20mm.

The Orb measures 15mm and 20mm.

These come in 250ml pots or 700g bags and 5kg bags.

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