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Bait Rolling Equipment and Fishing Baits

Kevin Smith

Mark, your baits are going very well. The sinking boilies consistently attract fish in both lightly stocked gravel pits and heavily stocked day ticket waters.The wafters and pop-ups (which stay buoyant for 24hrs+) work well on my rigs. I particularly like that the wafters are balanced by just the weight of a hook and do not need extra weight added to the rig. Many of the wafters available in shops I have found to be too buoyant and need weight to be added. Over the last 2 seasons your baits have caught me many 25lb+ carp and a few 30s. Also good tench, several big roach and a bonus 48lb catfish. Barbel and Chub like the sinkers.


Mark Linkin – Supercell Pupae Wafters

Dave Sorrell – Banoffee 12mm Zig Popups


Joanne – Spicy Sausage Bottom Baits & Wafters

Lawrence Wells – Thailand – Witchetty Grub Bait


Eric Storer – Ultra Buoyant Pineapple and N-Butyric Acid Glugged Popups


Ricky Chapman – Blue Cheese Boilies


Day Fay – Bionic Bloodworm Wafters


Day Fay – Bionic Bloodworm Sinkers


Simon Whetton – Spicy Sausage Boilies


Jason Riches – Yellow Pineapple Popups


Emma – 12mm Popups


Liam – Yellow Pineapple & White Supercell Popups



These fish were caught on the Fish & Liver Pupae Wafter and a Violet Popup on a snowman with Tutti and Squid bottom bait. Also GLM Wafter.


Dean & Lee

A combination of Cell Orbs and Pupae. Plumb and Spice Pupae and Fish & Liver Orbs. The fish they caught was ranging from 22lb to 46lb.


Joshua Brundish – Fruit Special Match Fishing Boilies


Dan Hart – Spicy Sausage Baits


Andre Dittrich

Andre states ‘I have used your Bait for several weeks in training and in competitions and I am very fascinated by the Baits. I was able to achieve several overall Victories as well as Sector Victories. I had the best results with Chocolate Orange and Pineapple & Banana, with this I was able to catch some nice Carp and Bream’.


Liam Riches

On a lake that is very tricky, I had done 12 nights with nothing until I used your super cell snail zig popups. I had 4 fish this the biggest 22.13lb.


Mark Linkin – Supercell Pupae Wafters


Dave Sorrell – Banoffee Zig Popups