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Freshwater Snail Pop-Ups

Freshwater Snail Pop-Ups



Freshwater Snail Mini Grubs Pop-Ups are sold only at Shilhams. They are a perfect copy of a freshwater snail, and they are light grey in colour. These Mini Grubs Pop-Ups contain our unique snail flavouring boosted at a higher level. The Freshwater Snail Mini Grub were launched at the Northern Angling Show in Manchester  April 2017, and created a great interest and was sold out early on the second day so we have made the perfect Pop-Up to match. This is a great Pop-Up for all types of fish. The mini Freshwater snail grub Pop-Up is a must for this season!

Each grub measures 8mm x 14mm and comes cased in an easy to store 50ml jar and have a six month shelf life.

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