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Micro Boilie Mix

Micro Boilie Mix


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Our Micro Pellet Mix is a fantastic simple mix to use and it rolls perfectly. This Mix is a blend of high quality ingredients including Whey Protein, Vegetable Protein, Cereal Meals boasted with Betaine and Dextose. We always hand sieve our mixes and thoroughly blend up.

This mix I use for my Micro Pellet Boilies. You can use straight from the bag, just add a flavour, colour and eggs or add any other ingredients to this mix to take it in what ever direction you want, it rolls brilliantly and skins and hardens well.

If you would like to make a kilo of any other Boilie Mix, all you have to do is add 250g of any ingredient ie:- Nut Meal or Fish Meal or what ever floats your boat. 


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Weight 10.5 kg

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