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White Pop-up base mix

White Pop-up base mix


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We at Shilhams have been perfecting our very own Pop-Up mixes for many years. We only use the highest quality ingredients and use no glass beads, cork dust or cork balls. We now have developed a range of buoyancies, a Wafter/pop up Mix (low buoyancy), a Chod Mix (medium buoyancy) and a Zig Mix (high buoyancy). We sell our Pop-Up mixes in bulk all around the world to various big named companies. These Pop-Up mixes are the best on the market-Guaranteed! Our Pop-Up Mixes all extrude and roll perfectly and stay buoyant for weeks.

I often get asked how many Pop-Ups are in a kilogram. This varies because of size, shape and buoyancy. For example:-

14mm round Pop-Ups in Zig High Buoyancy  will weigh 96g per 100 Pop-Ups.

14mm round Pop-Ups in Chod Medium Buoyancy will weigh 115g per 100 Pop-Ups.

14mm round Pop-Ups in Wafter Low Buoyancy will weigh 180g per 100 Pop-Ups.


Wafter Mix Improved

This mix is now a full wafter mix so you only need flavour and colour (no other ingredients needed).

I have adjusted the mix to be spot on as a wafter, so just flavour and colour. No need for oil as its all in the mix.

An example of a small mix is: –

75g of liquid egg
10-18g Shilhams preservative
5g colour
3g flavour
200g wafter mix

Size and weight of your hook will determine what size wafter you will require to make.

For example:

i.  A 14mm wafter will need a size 8 hook to hold it down.

ii. A 16mm wafter will need a size 6 hook to hold it down.


Chod Pop-Mix

This mix is approximately 60% more buoyant than the wafter mix. This is our medium buoyancy Pop-Up mix and is ideal for most situations, including a Chod rig, Snowman Rig, large sized Pop-Ups etc. Our tests prove that the Chod Pop-Ups stay buoyant for weeks. This is our biggest selling mix. Again, you can add extra ingredients to this mix at a rate of no more than 20%, try small samples first.

 An example of a small mix is: –

75 grams of liquid egg

25 grams of Shilhams preservative

5 grams of betaine

6 – 8 grams of colouring

4ml of food oil (hemp, fish, olive oil)

4 – 6ml of flavour

170 – 180 grams of chod mix


Zig Pop-Up Mix

This is a very high buoyancy Pop-Up Mix, it is approximately 70% more buoyant than the chod mix. It must be the lightest and most buoyant pop up mix available to buy, and again will stay buoyant for a few weeks. This mix is perfect for ultra-buoyant zig rigs. If you want this slightly less buoyant then extra ingredients can be added. Tests are important before you make big quantities.

 An example of a small mix is: –

75 grams of liquid egg

25 grams of Shilhams preservative

5 grams of betaine

6 – 10 grams of colouring

5ml of food oil (sunflower, hemp or fish)

5 – 8ml of flavour

160 – 170 grams of zig mix



To cook your pop-ups: –

Bring a pan of water to a good boil, turn the heat down to the lowest setting and leave the water to settle for about 2 minutes, so all the bubbles from the boil will stop and disappear. At this point tip in a few pop-ups, stirring with a wooden spoon, so that they spin in the hot water.

I recommend the following cooking times: –

10mm cook in hot water for 40 – 50 seconds max

12mm cook in hot water for 50 -60 seconds max

14mm cook in hot water for 60 seconds max

16mm cook in hot water for 60 – 70 seconds max

18mm cook in hot water for 60 -70 seconds max


If you cook them longer and have the water too hot then the pop-ups will expand and miss-shape.

If you want the pop-ups to be harder, then air dry them for longer.

You can also boost the flavour by adding a few ml of your flavouring into a polythene bag and add the pop-ups, shake well to make sure they are all evenly coated and leave to soak.

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Wafter Low Buoyancy, Chod Medium Buoyancy, Zig High Buoyancy


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